The International Investment Awards are driven by an entry process, with entries judged by a panel of experts. Entries can be made into any category by firms or individuals themselves, but must outline not only what they do in relation to any particular category but also provide evidence of how they do it, and why that means they ought to be determined winners.

Judges score entries on a scale of 1-10, with 10 being the best, after reviewing the quantitative and qualitative evidence put forward by the nominees.

For added assurance, entrants are also subject to AKG scores: a product or service may be good, but if the provider is financially insecure, the intermediary needs to be aware of this on behalf of their clients as part of any usual due diligence process.

Some of our awards also have an audience/readers vote element that is combined with judges comments and scores. Readers can vote for their winners with a maximum of one vote per reader in each category.